The Loudest Silence…

27 06 2013





The morning light wakes revealing beauty with sacred homage.

Awareness stirs.

Clouds float on a wind’s whisper with noiseless grace;

inviting Light to come out to dance and play . . .

Nothing speaks as loud as the silence of creation . . .



Potential Haiku…

24 06 2013

pre-dawn 2edited




potential is ripe,

on the edge of life’s dawning,

ours for the living…

Life rises…

21 06 2013






What is this longing pushing its way through the dark soil of my soul?

What is pleading to be birthed from the depths?

Ego – do not repress this blossoming by sowing your seeds of fear;

do not drown it with denial,

nor choke it with the weeds of self-doubt.


Freedom’s fruit is only patience, perseverance, and perception away;

 Life rises in the letting go;

in the Trusting…


Sun Rise in the Blue Ridge Mountains

17 06 2013

morning in the Blue Ridge





This photo was taken near New Found Gap between Cherokee, N.C. and Gatlinburg, TN.

Walking Along Borders…

14 06 2013






We walk along the borders of our living,

not really living;

but trusting perceived securities that barriers cloak as promises…


But where are our deep longings calling us?

Why do we find ourselves hanging around the borders of our lives?

What is beyond what we cannot see?

Really living?

Cades Cove Morning Mist and Fence

11 06 2013

cades cove morning and fence





a sigh and a deep breath…


A New Day’s Haiku

8 06 2013






the day’s beginning

there is me, there is the One

intimacy primed