30 07 2012
Fourth fireworks

On the Edge…

27 07 2012






On the edge . . .

between falling and getting back up;

between losing and discovery;

between hope and despair;

between joy and grief;

between light and darkness;

between holding on and letting go;

between the status quo and exploration;

between play and depression;

between noise and silence;

between hearing and listening;

between the masks we wear and

the beauty of who we really are;

between choices . . .


May we have the courage to seek Truth within these “between” times.

May we have the grace to listen to Truth when it is given.

May we risk stepping into Truth’s sacred space — just a step at a time.

And may we know that we are not alone on this journey . . .



Cable Grist Mill

18 07 2012






Cades Cove, Smoky Mountains National Park

Who Do You Think You Are?

16 07 2012





Who do you think you are?

“Among the dying and decaying,” I have heard some say…

“But a vapor,” I have heard others.


Yet, your color blazes in the Light…

however mundane you believe your abiding to be.

Can you not see?


Even your torn and tattered life tells the story of your uniqueness…

maybe adds to it…

to the beauty…

of you.


Perception may change like the tide –

but it is always there for the choosing.

Reality, though, flows like the river…constant, steady, true

Life’s Journey…

13 07 2012



Life’s journey;

Longing for it to be as straight as this Eastern Shore road . . .


It seems straight would be easier —

see where you’ve been . . .

see where you’re going.

Does “straight” invite us to know the depth of who we are though?

Are the curves and the “around-the-bends” given as gifts?

A gift of opening?

to authenticity?

to exploration of self?

to connection with others?

to celebrating creation?

Or could it be that the curves and “around the bends” entice us;

Craving to know what is yet to be;

Hypnotized by future gazing –- dwelling there, missing now . . .

Straight road;

Crooked road —

both have their joy and dangers

maybe the most important part is just the next step —

from the past,

toward the future,

living in the now . . .

being present to Presence . . .


Welcoming Slowness…

10 07 2012




Slowness’ presence is elusive at times;

Blurred by the “speed-of-light” living.


But if we welcome its spirit…

if we wait and allow ourselves to be still…

if we let it seep into the fibers of our being…

invite it in for a cup of tea…


Then we begin to perceive life beyond our vision;

imagination and Spirit begin to play…

deep Truths begin to emerge.


We become aware of life around us in ways living harried will not allow:

nature’s silent bursts of fireworks in hues unmatched…

silhouetted designs against life’s palette…

Creator and creation dancing one with the other…


(Photo taken at Pendle Hill Retreat Center)

Wagon Wheel Haiku

5 07 2012



What lives were carried?
Stories told in the turning…
Journey etched in grain…