Uncaged . . .

13 02 2016


caged 2

Caged –

censored by years of conformity;

chained by links of prescription:

shoulds and ought-tos,




            self-definition deprivation . . .

Gripped by dark matter’s invisible force;

chasing fallacious love — perceived to be the liberator of who I am.


But the soul’s expression . . . insuppressible;



uncontainable . . .


Imagination’s Big Bang – expanding;

creativity’s resurrection – incessant . . .

a poem waiting for completion;

a verse lived day-by-day;

a prose of becoming, composed of daily refrains. . .


Mystery – the poetry;

Creator – the emancipator of imagination and inspiration;

Presence – the deliverer of the soul’s captured language;

Love – the savior of who I am . . .



Sleepwalking . . .

2 02 2016


Could I be sleepwalking? Not literally, of course, but spiritually? Could I – the very essence of who I am – walking through my everyday life, be unaware of the freedom awaiting from being fully awake?


There are forces in this world that entice me – use chicanery to divide me – and exploit ego’s elevated lusts within me. I discover my spirit to be numb and cold – hibernating – withdrawn from loving. I resist being loved, pain’s potential is too great – risking is too exposed. I consent to the novocain of the busyness of doing life and I dive in willingly. So I abstain from engaging and living life wholly.


I am sleepwalking.


My petition to the Great Awakener is this, “Wake me up inside!”

And the answer I hear surprises me; challenges me; feels counter-intuitive to what my ego has learned: “Stop trying to do so much. Let go of what you believe, what you perceive will save you. Be aware of Presence in the ordinary and extraordinary of everyday living.


Here, then, is my hope for you and for me:

Mystery, stir trust within us so we might lean into the breaking dawn.

Presence, pierce the comfortable fog of paralysis so we might live freely.

Light, awaken our courage so we might risk letting go of false securities.

Spirit, help us not to sleepwalk through the gift of living.


Pssst – it’s time to wake up.