In Her Eyes…

28 06 2014


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I see in her eyes now, the same indwellers as in her early years –-

anxiety and fear;


She is not who she was . . .

yet this host/tenant relationship remains the same

claiming, slowly, the life of one so young.


Charisma within crowds –- quick to jest;

underneath, though — alone with herself —

the addiction to fear and anxiety is insatiable . . .

Haunting her . . . always haunting . . .


trying desperately to survive,

she shares her dependence with those whom she loves:



I have boxes full . . .



We all have such boxes under our beds . . .

And we –- to our dismay — have given our share of boxes to the ones we love;


Freedom comes, however, in the opening not the storing;

the burden of addictions and attachments (self-created and those received) received as gifted opportunities.