Sails, Sunsets, & Shores…

27 08 2013

sails and sunset





What fear grounds me at the edge of potential’s shore?

Vessel ready;

horizon calling;

a longing within —

I am not alone . . .

What dreams will we sacrifice to the god of fear?

Toes in wet sand . . . the first step;

put to sea;

Raise the sails;

eyes on the horizon — what can be . . .

I am not alone . . .


Sunset Over Bay and Bridge…

20 08 2013








Ocean Drive Bridge in Ocean City, NJ

Living in the “We”…

4 08 2013





The ego accentuates the “I,”

desiring the world revolve around “me.”


But giving ourselves to living in the “we”;

Unimaginable change is seen;

As wholeness and restoration comes to be!