15 08 2015

Ocean City, NJ Pier:BW


Maybe –

I hear it;

I say I know it;

I pretend I believe it –

because I’m suppose to?

But I’m not sure it dwells in my bones.

Do I believe it – truly?

Is it ingrained in me?

Does it flow through my veins like life?

And who tells me otherwise?


Power seekers?

Wealth addicted?

Fearful “others” – needing to protect themselves?

Control hungry egos?





When did I start trying to “measure up?”

When did I abandon a childlike trust?

What if . . .

I am treasured more deeply than I know?

I am loved by Love?

What possibilities . . .

what change for good;

what risks I would take;

how I could love others more deeply – be love-able . . .

If I but lived this truth and bore it deep in my bones…

Sunrise over Atlantic City


Paradox of Pain . . .

1 07 2015


Pain knows me;

It comes like a thief – unexpected;

like wild horses – uncontrollable;

an enduring guest – unwelcome.

Pain – eliciting a deep soul scream;

taking me to the edge of what I believe I can bear;

clothing me in darkness;

rationing the sweet tones of hope.

Pain, threatening to take the very heart of me;

the essence of my spirit –

of who I am.

Pain borne from the hands of the other –

held in the hands of the other;

In the mirror, a moment of clarity . . .

                        so distant from myself – I am the other . . .

Denial is my drug;

escapism my addiction . . .

I’m not suppose to be here . . .

I don’t want to be here . . .

listen . .

breathe . . .be still . . .

listen . . .

Can I believe this echo in the canyons of my being?

Can salvation come from within what I would try to deny?

From what I so desperately want to escape?

Does Love arise from pain?

Can Love be borne from within pain?

Out of pain?

Is pain’s voice not the final sound?

A portal to deeper meaning – Love…

Pain knows me . . .

but . . .

I’m beginning to know pain…

Blue Ridge Parkway 1

7th Street . . .

28 06 2015

pure joyOn 7th Street in old Ocean City,

looking between wires;

through balconies;

over cars . . .

I see the endless ocean kissing the horizon –

no wires;

no balconies;

no cars . . .

A reminder of the beginning –

God and creation;

I Am Who I Am and

We – who we were to truly be . . .

Funny how the ordinary gives sight into the extraordinary . . .

I wonder if the extraordinary was intended to be the ordinary?

Sails, Sunsets, & Shores…

27 08 2013

sails and sunset





What fear grounds me at the edge of potential’s shore?

Vessel ready;

horizon calling;

a longing within —

I am not alone . . .

What dreams will we sacrifice to the god of fear?

Toes in wet sand . . . the first step;

put to sea;

Raise the sails;

eyes on the horizon — what can be . . .

I am not alone . . .


Sunset Over Bay and Bridge…

20 08 2013








Ocean Drive Bridge in Ocean City, NJ

A Gift Given…

6 07 2013

gull at sunrise




“ . . . and a little child shall lead them” it is said.

but who knew from one so young —

an embrace given freely . . .

creating a space within, where soaring is now possible,

stirring the soft waters of peace,

helping me remember . . .

helping me to know that I am loved and valued by Love —

unconditionally –- no strings attached;

and there is nothing I can do about it . . .

a gift given by one so young . . .

and, I suspect, so much wiser . . .




Potential Haiku…

24 06 2013

pre-dawn 2edited




potential is ripe,

on the edge of life’s dawning,

ours for the living…