limited consciousness . . .

2 01 2016

Gettysburg Fence

What bliss it is to live in the realm of limited consciousness;

defending defined borders along the unknown lands:

staving off responsibility for the depth of who we are;

Here, we live in complacent simplicity –

separating and dividing;

categorizing and generalizing;

delineating between “us and them”;

coveting absolutes not ambiguity;

Allowing the container of who we are to become the content –

no more, no less.


Fear, in this storyline, is the primary plot device.

The ego is driven to manufacture a god for our comfort;

holding tight the wardrobe keys so Narnia will remain undiscovered;

seeking self-preservation.


We work so hard.

We deceive ourselves.


But there is always an invitation to explore the Limitless:

in the truth that all of who we are, light and shadow, is already loved –

no strings attached;

in faith that we can risk hiking into the unknown;

in trust that we can embrace blurred boundaries;

in hope of discovering the depth of who we are created to be;

in the joy of living into

True Love;Little River Rain

True Self;

True Freedom;

True Life;

True God;


What Bliss . . .


Born with all we need…

7 03 2014

DSC_0320 2





Born with all we need –

the love of Love already given;

the image of Creator within creation…

too soon we abandon all that is needed –

using these gifts as bargaining chips;

giving away the essence of our being too easily;

believing that who we are is not enough.

We believe we can become more by willing our power –

our God-created self;

the essence of who we are and created to be –

over to others (who do not believe in themselves);

to those who seek their own ego gain.

We lay these precious gifts in the arms of the temporal

hoping for affirmation and approval –

the gratification from the immediate and the tangible

is more seductive than waiting;

less threatening than delving into a deeper knowing and trust;

risking what might be is scarier than releasing responsibility…

Or so it seems…

But we know…

we can feel it…

we can sense it…

like a flowing river deep within –

communion between Creator and creation,

filling our empty soul.

How I long to live in this sacred space…

trusting in all I need –

Love bathing the loved;

Creator within creation…

Mt. LeConte 062_edited-1

(My daughter, Lara, took the portrait photo; the second shot is the Little River near Townsend, TN)

Cades Cove Morning Mist and Fence

11 06 2013

cades cove morning and fence





a sigh and a deep breath…


Cades Cove

4 06 2013







Cades Cove is located in the Tennessee section of Smoky Mountain National Park. (photos: grist mill and a view from the northwest corner of the cove)





Cades Cove Northwest view

A New Horizon…

31 12 2012





So I stand on a precipice;

behind me, a horizon from which I have traveled…

I know it well…I lived it…it’s helped  shape who I am.


Before me…

a new horizon…unknown…inviting me

exciting and scary…


the question: how will I move into what is before me?

having to be pushed?


maybe it is best that I just take the first step…

then the next…

then the…

Cades Cove Morning…

21 11 2012

Another early morning in Cades Cove


Gifts given…

23 10 2012

Recently I was in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. While there, a battle within came to the front: always looking for photographic moments/scenes versus just enjoying being in a setting that I love. The following are insights that came from this battle – for me it applies to so many others…I’m still in process…

The gift within taken for granted;

tunnel vision allows obsession to seep in.

Obsession becomes a non-collaborator…co-creation is ignored;

in this ignorance Creation becomes an object to be captured…possessed.

Where did I loose sight?

When did ego begin to think so grandiose of itself?

In the ego’s unhealthy rise – gift and beauty diminish;

co-creation is on the brink of extinction…

The gift within is then – a gift given…

Embracing this truth…I feel the air infused with freedom;

Scales fall from my eyes and what is all around me are gifts given –

not of my doing…

Not objects to be captured or possessed…

Only an invitation to accept and carry a whisper of thanks…