Born with all we need…

7 03 2014

DSC_0320 2





Born with all we need –

the love of Love already given;

the image of Creator within creation…

too soon we abandon all that is needed –

using these gifts as bargaining chips;

giving away the essence of our being too easily;

believing that who we are is not enough.

We believe we can become more by willing our power –

our God-created self;

the essence of who we are and created to be –

over to others (who do not believe in themselves);

to those who seek their own ego gain.

We lay these precious gifts in the arms of the temporal

hoping for affirmation and approval –

the gratification from the immediate and the tangible

is more seductive than waiting;

less threatening than delving into a deeper knowing and trust;

risking what might be is scarier than releasing responsibility…

Or so it seems…

But we know…

we can feel it…

we can sense it…

like a flowing river deep within –

communion between Creator and creation,

filling our empty soul.

How I long to live in this sacred space…

trusting in all I need –

Love bathing the loved;

Creator within creation…

Mt. LeConte 062_edited-1

(My daughter, Lara, took the portrait photo; the second shot is the Little River near Townsend, TN)

Open Windows…

23 01 2014

open window








I tell myself, “don’t open that window –-

others will see the darkness within.”

But I deceive myself –-

I am really afraid of what my own eyes will see.


So keep the windows shut;

bolt the doors;

nail them all shut.

So much energy exerted

trying to harness the dark side of me;

my True-Self  sacrificed on this altar.



Who knew the ordinary would invite the extraordinary?

an analogy opened before me . . .

a parable poised for the telling . . .


Do I dare peer into the vacant darkness?

Do I risk looking beyond framed obscurity into a greater reality?

What monsters will unleash their furor?


yes –- if I want to know the deep wonder of fully living . . .


for sure –- a sign of venturing intimacy . . .


It is hard to turn loose of what we know –- of what is comfortable -–

even if what we hold close is killing us.


But now with doors flung open, light shines where it had not, exposing:

Joy . . .

flowing like a shallow stream at first . . . but streams eventually become deep oceans;

Unknowing . . .

a perpetual adventure in trusting Mystery;

Love . . .

deeper than we have words to speak -–

for ourselves, for others,

for the Mystery we are learning to trust.


And this is all my soul asks –-

courage, strength, and grace to peer into the darkness and truth of who I am;

trusting there is abundant life on the other side, and maybe,

even within the darkness itself . . .

A New Day’s Haiku

8 06 2013






the day’s beginning

there is me, there is the One

intimacy primed

“Ride these monsters down…”

31 10 2012




“Halloween, a day associated with goblins and ghouls –

monsters all about.

For many the monsters are all too real –

monsters that haunt our past;

dwell in our present;

threaten our future.

They grasp our feet and ankles, desiring to pull us under…to take us down.


Maybe, though, that’s the way of it –

to dive down into what seeks to take us;

Maybe it’s the counter intuitive spirit

that sees the sliver of light in the darkness.


So, heed Annie Dillard’s words, “ride these monsters down” –

Your’s…mine…that haunt, dwell, and threaten.

Name them and jump on their backs – holding on tight.

Muster courage, gather community, give into hope,

and dive deep into fear until it no longer holds you…

until its power melts away.


Could the Truth be that the One we seek is found down –

 not always up?

Could the Truth be that the One who seeks us jumps on the monster’s back with us?


Light does shine in the darkness;


So, ride these monsters all the way down…


(Annie Dillard line from Teaching a Stone to Talk)

Morning mist…and other thin places

26 10 2012

Cades Cove morning mist – surely a thin place

(the Celtic Spirituality notion of a place or a moment where

the veil between this world and the Divine is thin). 

Surely these thin places are not just sequestered to the coves of mountains or to shore edges.


I wonder what thin place I will come upon today…in the ” busy-ness” of  living, relating, and walking in this world?

Calling Me Back…

3 09 2012







Emptiness saturates the air I breathe, I’ve lost my way –-

fallen into the vortex of  “real life” –- or so it is deemed . . .


I catch a glimpse of an unrecognizable me on the glass wall —

dressed in other’s expectations,

cloaked in other’s rules,

blanketed in perceived realities . . .

chasing the ever elusive “what I’m suppose to do” —

hoping to catch it . . . stop it . . . hold it . . .

finish it . . . put it in my pocket.


Old acquaintances come calling,

peddling their cancerous gifts:




pleasing others,

shame . . .


I sit in my house and yet feel so far from home . . .


But I am not alone . . .

Who are you that calls me back?

Who speaks my name –- inviting me back to Life?

Who breaks through the veil,

bringing color and Light to the world?

Who urges me to close my eyes in trust so that I may truly see?

Who are you that teaches me to love from Love rather than “ought-to’s” and “should’s?”


A peace stirs . . .

Courage rises . . .

Love embraces . . .

I turn to the Whisper . . . and journey toward home . . .


24 08 2012













May you find the Sanctuary you seek…

whatever form it takes…

for whatever reason you seek…






(Photos: The National Cathedral & Pendle Hill Retreat Center)

“The Presence of Slowing”

29 06 2012




In his book, The Wisdom of Wilderness, Gerald May talks about “The Presence of Slowing.”


This presence cannot be grasped nor contained;

We cannot hold it for our own…

We can only be aware;


Be ready to welcome;

Open to let this Presence wash over us…

Lean into its sanctuary…

And let it go


Mary Oliver’s words come to mind:

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”

(from “Yes! No!”, Owls and Other Fantasies: Poems and Eassays

Awe and Wonder!

30 05 2012

Woodbrook’s wonderful youth group at Wisp Ski Resort in McHenry, Maryland


11 05 2012

Stones gather with silence…

river flows – dancing…singing…

wind, like a waterfall through the trees, whispers…

all saying, “Welcome. Welcome to sanctuary!”

(Little River between Gatlinburg and Townsend, TN)