Judging Greg…

28 11 2014









a one-way mirror;

superficial and avoiding depth;

fabricating protective walls:

keeping you at arms length and more;

selective hearing;

claiming god-like authority;

addicted to control;

talk and thoughts from absolutes;

pleasure attained in “holding against”;

safe-guarding the ego;

an offspring of fear;


this, the easy way – or so it seems…


but I…

I am asked of Love to love.

I am asked to risk embracing – inviting intimacy.

I am asked to welcome letting go instead of idolizing control.

I am asked by Grace to extend grace as I have been graced.

I am asked by Faith to trust the Author of faith.

I am asked by Mystery to be awake for what might be.

I am asked by the One who holds me to hold another.

I am asked by the Reconciler to be a peacemaker.

I am, gazing upon my own reflection, asked not to forget the log in my own eye.

I am asked to be an offspring of Love.


this, the harder way – or so it seems…


but, oh…

the freedom…

the un-namable peace

the deep river of joy

the indescribable love…

being truly alive!

choptank morning