Blue Ridge Parkway Sunrise…

28 09 2013



24 09 2013





dawn breaks,

mountains loom,

fog settles in the valleys of our existence . . .


We wait . . .


dwelling in uncertainty,

paralysis advancing,

peace a faint echo,

perception narrowed

hope’s longing reduced to embers . . .


Yet within the mist Mystery abides,

and if we wait,

Light dissipates the valley fog,

what looms, is redefined as beauty . . .


In the waiting,

Life rises;

Light dawns;

Again and again . . .

so wait . . .


please wait . . .



Hidden Mountains

19 09 2013

South Carolina Sunset





Light – beautifully, gently – reaches out to kiss creation


Illuminating the hidden mountains we climb…




Never to judge…


Never to belittle…




But to help us know…


we do not climb alone;


to help us see…


the Light that is greater than the looming peaks;


to help us feel…


 the Life-Light* dancing in the darkness…


a darkness that cannot contain the Life-Light* within.

(*Life-Light: a phrase used by Eugene Peterson in “The Message”)

Divided Life

13 09 2013

Frozen Figure





Who is this frozen figure that stands before me?

A mirror’s reflection of what lies within?

DSC_0837What is this dark mountain before me silhouetted by loves light rising?

A likeness of the divided life lived?

Let this day dawn with the courage to risk…

courage to name the permafrost that encapsulates our soul –

                        may the melting begin…

courage to invite Light to break into the dark places in which we hide –

                        may the dance of wholeness begin to flow…Sun Through Leaf Oct. 2011

Cape May Sunrise…Sunset…

6 09 2013

Because of Cape May’s orientation on the East Coast,  there is the gift of sunrise and sunset over the Atlantic…


cape may sunrise januaryCape May sunset

Hidden Rooms…

3 09 2013

Eastern Shore 105





What is it we hide in the secret rooms of our soul?

And What would happen

– not listening to the beckoning of fear –

if we disclosed what is closed?



Creativity unleased?




That we are truly loved?


What are we willing to risk?

How do we want to live?

What is our spirit’s longing?