Freedom . . .

23 08 2015

along the parkway

Caged soul-expression;

longing to be free – to take flight;

chained by links of prescribed shoulds and ought-tos;

of fears, insecurities, and self-abandonment.

Imagination’s big bang longing to expand — creativity’s resurrection;

suppressed by years of conformity;

held by dark matter’s invisible force (mostly of my own doing);

chasing fallacious love — perceived to be the liberator of who I am.

A poem waiting for its completion;

a verse lived day-by-day;

a prose – the story of who I am becoming – revealed in the living out.

Mystery – the poem;

Creator – the liberator of imagination and inspiration;

Presence – the deliverer of the soul’s captured language;

Love – the emancipator of who I am . . .



15 08 2015

Ocean City, NJ Pier:BW


Maybe –

I hear it;

I say I know it;

I pretend I believe it –

because I’m suppose to?

But I’m not sure it dwells in my bones.

Do I believe it – truly?

Is it ingrained in me?

Does it flow through my veins like life?

And who tells me otherwise?


Power seekers?

Wealth addicted?

Fearful “others” – needing to protect themselves?

Control hungry egos?





When did I start trying to “measure up?”

When did I abandon a childlike trust?

What if . . .

I am treasured more deeply than I know?

I am loved by Love?

What possibilities . . .

what change for good;

what risks I would take;

how I could love others more deeply – be love-able . . .

If I but lived this truth and bore it deep in my bones…

Sunrise over Atlantic City