another day…

25 08 2019

Choptank Morning Reflection

Another day Dear One,

and my longing for deep Union grows.


Another day, and still, guilt and shame fabricate a filtered vision –

perceiving through my faults, my failures, my inadequacies…

Scarcity’s presence always looming;

a veiled reality is all I can bear.


Another day and walls of fear separate me

from myself – from others;

from creation;

from You, Dear One.


Another day and I numbly embrace culture’s fixed categories and systems –

where control maintains a false security;

where oppression is a harness for perceived power;

where my fear, too, would enslave another within categories and systems.


You, though, Dear One… Your vision is veil-less and clear.

You love fearlessly – incessantly;

gazing upon us as Love’s potential – full of infinite possibility;

Your perspective unconstrained and limitless.


Unity – Your heart’s desire:

no labels…no categories…no typecasts.

In Your eyes – each moment sacred and new…dwelling in reality’s now;

Each day seeing us as we are – Love…


making each day not just another day.