Wake me up…

27 07 2019

I feel my heart beating – desire driving me;

longing…aching…for a deeper intimacy;

Still, wanting to know;

wanting to be known.


Sensing…tasting Truth.

Wanting to hold its fullness –

knowing this paradoxical impossibility;

dreaming, still, that it might be.


My heart’s door open – braving known brokenness,

knowing brokenness will come again –

a portal to Union…Freedom…LOVE.

My little ego would try and convince me otherwise.


When I desire control, wake me up God.

When I yield to or live blindly out of fear – wake me up God.

When I am enmeshed in manipulative, egoist sacrifice – wake me up God.

When I do not see others or me as You see – wake me up God.


I am famished, hungering for elusive transformation.

Yet transformation – seemingly stagnant – stirs;

in motion, in this moment…in ways I cannot see…in ways that will become.

Wake me up…


Help my heart, then, to be quiet so that I may listen.

Help my being wait…not in anxious passivity, but in anticipatory hope.

Help my spirit discern the Spirit’s stirring within…a deep, ongoing conversation.

Wake me up…


“Slow down boys . . .”

5 11 2016


“Slow down boys” . . .

a life lesson from father to sons;

from one whose dying, now fully embraced.


Darkness and death open us this way –

to Truth’s presence;

to Truth’s embrace;

to Truth’s perspective;

to edit Truth no more.


“Slowness” – Truth’s way – calls to our soul;

inviting us away from a veiled, matrix  life –

deliverance from busy minds;

exoneration from “living up to”;

liberation from judging ourselves;

curative for the cancer named shame;

cleansed from the addiction of trying to control what is uncontrollable;

awakened from a schedule-induced coma;

unshackled from haunting failures;

free from fear.


Truth’s way inviting us into freedom –

freedom to embrace who we know we are;

freedom to nourish who we know we are becoming;

freedom to lean into the mystery of what we don’t know;

freedom to cherish paradox and uncertainty – fearlessly;

freedom to welcome failure as a daughter of wholeness;

freedom to wait – not sprinting past Spirit;

freedom to just be in the Presence of Slowing…


We can only be right here, right now.

It is all that we are given.

So be right here, right now…

fully living;

wholly living;

with pain and joy;

with grief and blessing;

with angst and peace;

with dancing and stillness;

with paradox and certainty;

with Love –

always with Love.


Slow down…



17 09 2016

I am white.

I am male.

I am middle class.

I have an ego that conceals insecurity through:



and self-centeredness.

This is who I am –

categories and words used to describe, contain, and limit.

I apologize to the self I was created to be.


I see you as a race.

I speak to you loudly because you are not native to these shores.

I define you by your age.

I buy into roles because of your gender.

I have been uncomfortable because of your sexual orientation –

prejudices and definitions born out of fear, insecurity, and environment.

I apologize to those other than myself.


We are created in the image of the Creator;

the One, when asked to be defined, answered, “I am that I am”.


It is not binary labels that define us . . . or others;

those are for our own safety and control.


It is our is-ness

the truth that we are;

the truth of who we are;

created by the Creator;

imprinted with the Designer’s image –

the One who cannot be defined –

that makes us “one-of-a-kind” and limitless.


This is our essence.

And our essence –

our being,

our is-ness,

from the beginning,

has been declared good…

very, very good.

pure joy

Welcoming the “Presence of Slowing”…

23 07 2013

cades cove vista





In the softness of the dawn,

Creation speaks…

Spirit whispers…

“Welcome the ‘Presence of Slowing’* this day…”


(a phrase used by Gerald May in his book “The Wisdom of Wilderness”)

What Now?

5 06 2013

Friends Chairs







What now?

now that we’ve come to end of who we think we are?

now that we are exposed –-

souls opened from suffering’s reality and love’s intimacy?

now that we find ourselves, again, on the ground –-

where knowing the earth’s muddy texture has become too common?

What now?


We get up again.

Now we begin the journey . . .

now we lean into Love –- letting go of what was . . .

now we fall into what is and what will be . . .

now we allow ourselves to be embraced by Hope

now we relinquish ourselves into Life . . .

There’s nothing we can do about it…

30 05 2013






an icy surface paralyzes the depths of who we are;

a cool façade defends the vulnerability we carry.




hopeful liberation rises daily despite our protests;

Restoration places her warm hand on our icebound spirit;

Light thaws a frozen soul…


we are valued…

we are loved by Love…

there’s nothing we can do about it…





27 03 2013

WATER LEAVES       There are times when, unanticipated, a moment captures the spirit:

shadows cast upon a moss tinted fence…

the simple symbiotic union of grass and dirt supporting

an old red maple outside the window…

being in the presence of a child’s wonder…

looking across a pond painted with the stoke of

nature’s brush…

And in that sacred moment, we are visited by:

a peace…

a joy…

a thirst…

a longing to travel deeper,

          wanting to be deeper…

          a sense of being held tenderly, dearly…

yet offered freedom and invited to live intentionally our

“one wild and precious life”. *

Time is suspended… the Spirit stirs… and somewhere, from deep within, we hear, “welcome”…” *(Mary Oliver, The Summer Day)

Dwelling Beneath the Surface…

2 03 2013






our spirit’s deep thirst – to move toward Light…

odd, the comfort in dwelling beneath the surface of our life;

dare we risk?

dare we ascend into whom we have been created to truly be?


(down in the ice house at Hampton Mansion, Baltimore)

Open the door…

23 01 2013

Cape May remnants








Like waves upon the shore, anxiety continually breaks over me;

concerns of the future pound at my door;

and I am unaware of the fullness in living pregnant in this moment;

I give myself away too easily . . .


Yet there is Another pounding;

growing louder . . .

quieting the voices that want to own me . . .

Spirit dawning in every breath;

awakening the passion of Life deep-rooted in the now . . .


Open the door . . .

Winged Potential…

8 01 2013

bird silhouette 5waiting…tranquil…poised

potential within the wing

our spirit waits too