Freedom . . .

23 08 2015

along the parkway

Caged soul-expression;

longing to be free – to take flight;

chained by links of prescribed shoulds and ought-tos;

of fears, insecurities, and self-abandonment.

Imagination’s big bang longing to expand — creativity’s resurrection;

suppressed by years of conformity;

held by dark matter’s invisible force (mostly of my own doing);

chasing fallacious love — perceived to be the liberator of who I am.

A poem waiting for its completion;

a verse lived day-by-day;

a prose – the story of who I am becoming – revealed in the living out.

Mystery – the poem;

Creator – the liberator of imagination and inspiration;

Presence – the deliverer of the soul’s captured language;

Love – the emancipator of who I am . . .

Paradox of Pain . . .

1 07 2015


Pain knows me;

It comes like a thief – unexpected;

like wild horses – uncontrollable;

an enduring guest – unwelcome.

Pain – eliciting a deep soul scream;

taking me to the edge of what I believe I can bear;

clothing me in darkness;

rationing the sweet tones of hope.

Pain, threatening to take the very heart of me;

the essence of my spirit –

of who I am.

Pain borne from the hands of the other –

held in the hands of the other;

In the mirror, a moment of clarity . . .

                        so distant from myself – I am the other . . .

Denial is my drug;

escapism my addiction . . .

I’m not suppose to be here . . .

I don’t want to be here . . .

listen . .

breathe . . .be still . . .

listen . . .

Can I believe this echo in the canyons of my being?

Can salvation come from within what I would try to deny?

From what I so desperately want to escape?

Does Love arise from pain?

Can Love be borne from within pain?

Out of pain?

Is pain’s voice not the final sound?

A portal to deeper meaning – Love…

Pain knows me . . .

but . . .

I’m beginning to know pain…

Blue Ridge Parkway 1

Held by Winter’s Landscape…

31 12 2013

winter scene




Hiking in this winter landscape –

snow quietly, softly touches me with its grace;

In the silence of this moment…

standing with cold pushing against my skin…

cold trying to fill empty spaces within;

I become keenly aware of Light and Beauty holding me…



18 10 2013

Smokies Sunset1Sunset reflection 1table rock silhouette 2

Sun Rise in the Blue Ridge Mountains

17 06 2013

morning in the Blue Ridge





This photo was taken near New Found Gap between Cherokee, N.C. and Gatlinburg, TN.

Cades Cove

4 06 2013







Cades Cove is located in the Tennessee section of Smoky Mountain National Park. (photos: grist mill and a view from the northwest corner of the cove)





Cades Cove Northwest view


6 02 2013





How will I live this life?

The choice is always before me…


I stand on a precipice;

My eyes gaze upon a vista I do not know…unexplored;

Excitement and anxiety dance within…

I hear a calling…I feel it deep inside my spirit…

a pioneer in a land of discovery…

a pilgrimage toward the sacred – trust…letting go…


Reflections on the James…

30 11 2012






(The James River at the Blue Ridge Parkway)


Reflections across the James’ calm waters

on this quiet fall morning,

invite reflection within…



Beauty multiplied…

27 11 2012



The morning sun . . .

A mist-veiled valley;

Light infused;

beauty multiplied . . .


My soul awakens . . .

burdened and clouded;

Light’s saturation;

beauty multiplied . . .


Cades Cove Morning…

21 11 2012

Another early morning in Cades Cove