Deep desire…

20 09 2014










Along life’s road, what is my deep desire?


Power? Maybe –- the possession of control is tempting . . .

Suddenly, a breeze blows against my face –- an element I cannot rule.

maybe True Power comes with leaning into powerlessness.


Prestige? Sure –- I could get use to the “waited on hand and foot” life;

having doors opened for me . . .

but would I walk into the emptiness of feeding a bottomless ego?

maybe true prestige comes with washing the feet of another.


Wealth? Oh yes! There would be no worries surrounded by my mountain of things . . .

however this ravenous appetite becomes the master;

wanting more has the feel of addiction.

maybe true wealth is found in simplicity and letting go.


To be truly loved? More than one can know . . .

maybe True Love is found planted deep within  —

from the beginning . . . from the Beginning.


I am already loved by Love -–

I do not have to do –- I can’t do, anything about this love but receive.


to know deep stillness in this moment;

to have an insatiable hunger for sacred intimacy;

to lean into Love;

to have my ego diminish while True Self grows;

to have a continuous conversation –- Spirit to spirit —

this is my deep desire along this mysterious road . . .DSC_0299edited


One Breath Closer…

16 08 2014

PS Ramsey Cascades Trail

Every breath is one closer to who I will be . . .

What dreams do I then breathe in?

What pain do I hold deep within,

refusing to release anguish into the world where healing and truth dwell?

Do I breathe in air filtered through “who-others-say-I-should-be?”

through expectations, worry and fear?

Or . . .

Will I fill my being with Life’s Breath?

Life that breathed us into existence -–

Love, worthiness and wholeness the DNA of our souls?

Life that has the power of creation and creativity behind it?


Every breath is one closer to who I will be . . .



A Winter’s Walk…

20 07 2014



potomac sunrise










Do I acknowledge the truth this stream is speaking?

the babbling water against stone is a gift . . .

But , do I have courage to listen deeper still,

in this chilled, desert-forest . . . leaf-less, barren and vulnerable?


Years of pain and joy are evident –-

earth and water in relationship . . .

a long dance of love and friction;


On the way, barriers encountered . . . detours necessitated;

birthing new opportunities — new possibilities —

to explore . . . to receive as a gift;


Carved beauty from years of a committed journey;

Mystery echoing from creation’s dawn —

whispers of Mystery in the pilgrimage ahead . . .

Do I feel the Peace in the flow of water? the foundation of earth?


so is life . . .

so are life’s questions . . .

so could be my living . . .



The Journey…

24 04 2014






I am sometimes…

            a lot of times…

                        most of the time…

                                                my own worst enemy.


Always looking too far ahead –

                                    absent from the immediate gifts about me.


A Silers Bald to Clingmans Dome experience gifts my memory–

all up hill…

up mountain.

 My spirit deceiving my eyes;

physical burn clouding my vision –

seeing only the next climb;

My heart pulled down by discouragement and despair…

depriving myself of what gives life:


living in, open to, and awareness of the Now.


It is not only on the mountain where I carry the enemy.

So, too, it is in my daily living.

I look too far ahead;

my eyes deceived;

my heart chained by fear, expectations, and self-doubt.

 I am not mindful of Presence in the present…


I suspect if I were more so,

getting to the top…

to here or there,

would not be as important as the journey.

(the photo is from Clingmans Dome)

Held by Winter’s Landscape…

31 12 2013

winter scene




Hiking in this winter landscape –

snow quietly, softly touches me with its grace;

In the silence of this moment…

standing with cold pushing against my skin…

cold trying to fill empty spaces within;

I become keenly aware of Light and Beauty holding me…



18 10 2013

Smokies Sunset1Sunset reflection 1table rock silhouette 2

Wake me up…

11 10 2013





There are forces in this world that entice me;

use chicanery to divide me;

exploits lust within me . . .

I discover the essence of me to be numb and cold . . .

most of my own doing —

withdrawn from loving — there are deep scars here;

resisting being loved –- pain’s potential is too great;

abstaining from engaging life and living it wholly . . .


Wake me up inside!

Mystery, stir trust within so I may lean into the breaking dawn,

piercing the fog of paralysis . . .

Light, awaken my courage so I may participate in living life;

Risking? yes;

Truly living? . . . yes!