We are one

31 01 2017

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We are one.

From childhood, my faith has taught me so.

Is this not true?


Everyone belonging to an all-embracing Truth –

A Truth human expression cannot contain?

Isn’t this Truth true in spite of my faith?


We are one.

Why do these three words raise defensive walls?

Why do they scare us so?


Fear mixed with pride – our ego’s addictive elixir;

an opportunist ego’s playground –

serving it to preserve power;

injecting it to manipulate;

a way to sustain control…


but not The Way.


Still, we chase the god of “better than”

devising decrees of divisiveness ;

forging “us versus them” perimeters –

it’s easier not knowing another’s story;

defining others with broad strokes –

it’s more convenient painting with a bigger brush I suppose;

manipulating foundational concepts to create fabricated walls.

Why are we afraid of what is different? of what is other?


Then do we not believe what we claim within our faith?

What we say is Truth?


We are one.

This is celebration worthy!


We are one.

Created by the Creator;

created within Mystery;

created from Love to love;

created uniquely… out of Hope;

created from the One;

created as one.



Risking Evolving Perspectives

7 05 2016


Sometimes I forget.

I become very comfortable with my life perspective and my daily living – routines; nuances of habit; and the galvanizing of my view of the world, of myself, of you.
I feel safe and secure. I am content (or is it I am too fearful?) and would rather not move. “You come to me. I’m good where I am.”

I imagine I am not the only one who forgets.

Yes, what bliss it is to live in the realm of limited consciousness – defending defined borders along unknown lands; staving off responsibility that protects us from the depth of who we are.

Here, we live in complacent simplicity –
separating and dividing;
categorizing and generalizing;
delineating between “us and them”;
coveting absolutes not ambiguity;
allowing the container of who we are to become the content – no more, no less.

Fear, in this storyline, is the primary plot device.

The ego is driven to manufacture a god for our own comfort – holding tight to the wardrobe keys so Narnia will remain undiscovered . . . seeking self-preservation.

We work so hard. We deceive ourselves.

But maybe . . . maybe living fully is not viewing life always from my own ground. Maybe it is about moving – that first step away from “home” is always the hardest.

There is always an invitation to explore the Limitless: in the truth that all of who we are, light and shadow, is loved already – no strings attached; in faith that we can risk journeying into the unknown and the doubt of uncertainty; in trust that we can embrace blurred boundaries; in hope of discovering the depth of who we are created to be; and

in the joy of living into the bliss of new dawning horizons, awakening us to a new way of being in the world; to a new way of being with others.

Risking the comfort of my own perspective is scary – even opening a paper-thin crack in the door. But what is the cost of staying where I am?

May you know that you are not alone.

May you be given grace enough to lean into the One who is the genesis of our seeing.

May you be granted courage to take that first step into new horizons.

And may you dwell in the bliss found in the community of evolving perspectives.


Tallulah Gorge Bridge

The Greening

18 04 2013

Green Tunnel




Paths we know tend to be more to our liking;





We are invited, though, into a deeper greening of our lives;



gifts unveiled,

Love’s embrace…

But, what might be we will never know, unless we step into this greening…

Bowing to Murky Waters…

12 02 2013

Choptank creek




A current of anxiety flows steady within;

What is your name?



Who are you that muddies the stream?


My spirit is preoccupied —

I bow to murky waters . . .


Eyes turned toward shadows,

I have no notice of the warmth that bathes me — anointing me;

Light illuminating life all around me — within me;

Light bidding me to live love in the present . . .

each “present-moment” accumulating into my future . . .


Awareness slowly dawns . . .

Orientation of genuflect and gaze begins to transform . . .




20 11 2012





What was believed as foundational and life giving, now is overturned, and bare to the elements – uprooted;

Exposed – gasping for the soil believed to give meaning…

What storms of life are to blame for this devastation?

Those of my own choosing?

Can anything good come from this?

Did I root myself in things too shallow to sustain a deeper longing?

Attachment to the temporal?

Trust in my ability to control and hold?

Dysfunction’s deceiving safety and familiarity?

Can anything good come from this?


It’s the living of the now;

It’s the letting go in the now

where the answer will be birthed;

that will determine where the roots of my spirit will once more grow…

Trusting in Trust…

25 09 2012


this swirling vortex is deceiving –- truly beautiful . . .

But I feel the force of

dark energy . . . sucking me in;

No relief –- the pull is constant.

Does it let up?


The window of hope seems to open at times –-

clear sky . . . clean air;

But old voices tease –- filled with venom . . .

looking to rush in for a quick bite.

Others are more cunning –- mingled with hope . . .

like a parasitic vine –-

creeping up the fibrous foundation that brings life;

longing to pull me back into the black hole . . . into nothingness.


I remember whispers of wisdom speaking the breadth of life –-

the journey filled with horizons, black holes, trails into the unknown,

briar infested pathways, companions along the way,

light that warms the soul . . .


This moment is not the whole . . . but live this moment I must –-

In this moment, when venomous voices rise . . .

when the nothingness of a black hole seems imminent –- I trust;

Allowing the long view of this trust to nourish hope . . .

And maybe that’s all I can do for now –- trust in trusting . . .





Defining moments…

12 09 2012



There are those moments when,

to find yourself in the place you want to be  –-

you have to jump . . .


Those moments . . .

poised . . .

muscles tensed . . .

fear, excitement, anticipation, doubt, courage pulsing . . .


Those moments when the heart and mind race . . .

Do I dare trust . . .


What awaits to catch me?


There are those moments when,

to find yourself in the place you want to be  –-

you have to jump . . .


Not with abandon — although it may feel so . . .

but with a firm, trusting embrace of the unknown.


May hope give courage to let go . . .

May faith embrace doubt,

And may trust tame the fear that screams within –-