in darkness, seeing clearly…

5 09 2016


choptank dock midnight 2_edited-1

It is the night sky where we see light most clearly.

The Presence of Slowness washes over us;

lying on our backs;

bathing in stillness;

looking up;

cicadas singing love songs to our soul.


This is where we are known.

This is where we know.


It is in darkness’ depths where light seems helpless,

persuaded by the gravity of our great void.

Our imminent demise gaining momentum;

lying in fetal position;

bathing in fear and anxiety;

looking down;

hawking voices singing songs of hopelessness.


This is where we are closest to Knowing.

This is where we are fully known.


And when caverns of darkness consume faith;

when the air is heavy with shadows –

be still.

The essence of our being will not be decimated;

we will not lose ourselves, despite ego’s contrary belief;

but we begin to shine.


Trying to escape –

moving so carelessly in such dark, is too dangerous.

We will remain unchanged.


But in the remaining,

through the darkness, while our spirit eyes adjust;

be ready to welcome evidence of Light;

the glimmer of Loves soft light;

the warmth of Love beside us in vast emptiness.

We will begin to discover ourselves…

our true, authentic selves.

Born of the darkness in which we sit;

created by Love that embraces us… always.


Looking up or down, then, it matters not.

It is in darkness where Light is most visible. . .



Light Finds a Way…

10 11 2012






(In celebration of two young lives well lived: Louis Lowenthal – 14; David Shannon – 18)


It would seem that darkness comes close to winning way too often;

midnight darkness longs sucks light from reality…

dark energy pulls us toward nothingness.


Yet when this darkness pulls us, begging for implosion,

Light finds a way…

gently lighting the pre-dawn sky, slowly appearing over the mountains we face;


Creative light dawns…

What was lost in midnight darkness rises in ways unimagined:

from the mist playing in valley meadows…

in the whisper of love heard through the crisp morning air…

out of the cry of a soaring hawk, echoing the crying released in our own darkness.


A new day dawns and we carry our stories and our sorrows,

our losses and our laughter;

trusting in trust…

hoping in hope…


Yet, night comes again – a pattern repeated;

And darkness that has served hopelessness will offer it once again.


But, if we stay open…acknowledging all that struggles within…

exposing ourselves to the possibility of light reaching us even in darkness,

this extended exposure reveals the shimmer of light – coming to us…

the reflection of life present…

the glow of life illuminating the darkness.


New beauty revealed…

a new dawn anticipated…

a promise that we are never alone.

Light finds a way to shine…


A descriptive moment:

9 06 2012





A descriptive moment:

A window into who I am – who we are…

illumination and darkness

cloudy and clear;

Yet, life still stirs underneath…

crashing and calm

The hope? Light continually, consistently rises into both…

producing hues beyond imagination –

no matter where we find ourselves.


(sunrise over Cape May, NJ)

Dancing with Light…

5 05 2012


Dancing with Light…
in unexpected spaces;
in unexpected places –
Light dancing in the darkness…

This was taken at midnight on the Choptank River near Easton, Maryland.

Dare I Go In?

15 04 2012


Dare I go in?

I’m already standing in light . . .

Now invited into darkness?

Do I risk the hope of Light on the other side?

Light rises…

8 04 2012


Light rises…
Darkness fades…
Waves of Light break upon our shores…

On this January morning on the shores of Cape May, a cold wind blew against my back, but gradually – like love – the light broke over the horizon, making a path across the water…riding the waves to my feet…finally warming my face…my heart…my life.

Midnight Darkness…

1 04 2012


Midnight darkness…Light blazes –
a soul’s thirst

When it seems our life is covered in darkness, we long for just a sliver of light to sustain hope! This photo was taken looking over the Choptank River toward the town of Easton, MD. Sometimes, the light grows brighter the longer we open ourselves to the darkness, just as the camera absorbs the light with extended exposure.