Creation’s curriculum…

27 07 2013

Gunpodwer Trailed



What is this pressure I feel?

I can’t do this straight-lined reasoning —

I’ve tried to live the linear life . . .

climb the ladder . . .


This is not Creation’s curriculum

Paradoxes, anomalies, and mysteries are all about . . .


Why is it we only look up to the heavens for Light?

Could it be Illumination is also underneath?

Underneath the depths of our shadows and darkness . . .

We will only know if we “ride our monsters all the way down!”*


I have heard it said that Light keeps shining in the dark,

and the darkness cannot over take it . . .


Mystery and Paradox —

Creation’s curriculum . . .

(* reference to an Annie Dillard quote from Teaching a Stone to Talk)



cavern falls _2_


“Ride these monsters down…”

31 10 2012




“Halloween, a day associated with goblins and ghouls –

monsters all about.

For many the monsters are all too real –

monsters that haunt our past;

dwell in our present;

threaten our future.

They grasp our feet and ankles, desiring to pull us under…to take us down.


Maybe, though, that’s the way of it –

to dive down into what seeks to take us;

Maybe it’s the counter intuitive spirit

that sees the sliver of light in the darkness.


So, heed Annie Dillard’s words, “ride these monsters down” –

Your’s…mine…that haunt, dwell, and threaten.

Name them and jump on their backs – holding on tight.

Muster courage, gather community, give into hope,

and dive deep into fear until it no longer holds you…

until its power melts away.


Could the Truth be that the One we seek is found down –

 not always up?

Could the Truth be that the One who seeks us jumps on the monster’s back with us?


Light does shine in the darkness;


So, ride these monsters all the way down…


(Annie Dillard line from Teaching a Stone to Talk)