Red-Winged Teacher

13 08 2017


Hello my red-winged friend.

Here for our daily visit –

you on your post;

me sitting beside you.


You welcome me to your home with a song –

your hospitality soothing;

your flight beautiful across the meadow.


Teacher too –

landing on the thinnest of reeds;

trusting that you will be held;

closing your wings, giving up flight.

Now balanced –

trusting yourself to something greater;

trusting yourself to the nature of created order without question.


Tell me again your story.

Sing to me again your song.

Teach me again how to trust.




4 responses

13 08 2017

Thank you Greg,

How beautiful, in so many ways.

Your presence and your words are a blessing.

Enjoy this splendid day.

Many smiles,


Amy Bloom Connolly, M.S. …bringing mindfulness to life

13 08 2017
Gracie Price

Absolutely what I need this moment ~ to be taught to trust. Jesus Loves You, and we do too!

13 08 2017

Thanks Gracie. Love you all too!

13 08 2017

Thanks Amy. I hope you are well.

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