breath . . .

30 03 2017

Swamp Trail B&W

It was 2:30 a.m. when I arrived;

just hours from her last breath.


Her chest rising and falling in nomadic rhythm –

a mirror of the relationship we shared – joys, struggles, oblique love:

some known;

some unknown;

some still to be discovered.


She did not move, eyes closed –

peaceful other than her dissonant breaths;

a peace that had alluded her in her living.


But not quite yet –

her journey toward Union,

still earth-tethered.


So we sat vigil . . .

waiting . . .

What else could we do?

Just being with . . .

Being with us.


Silence interrupted by occasional conversation –

with each other – seeking some normalcy;

with mom – seeking to help an emancipation,

“It’s okay to go mom.

We love you.

I know dad is getting excited.

Your family is waiting…”


When breath, life, and love

becomes so clearly focused,

I do not know what else to trust but Intimacy.

I do not know another to trust

but the One in which we all have breath.


To live within this kind of trust is a constant craving.


Then, watching, I saw mom begin to trust the One holding her.

Breathing rhythmically now.

Breathing with the One.

Slowly bringing her breath into One.

Until her body had no need for earth’s confining atmosphere.


Now her spirit breathes pure Ruah;

breathing in the One who first gives breath.

Now the “i” breathes within “I AM”.

choptank dock midnight 2_edited-1




12 responses

30 03 2017
Cheryl Duvall

Beautifully written, and composed. Brought back memories of when we all gathered around John’s mom, holding vigil. I’m so glad you were able to join your mom and your family for those sweet moments of earthly reunion before her heavenly one. Wishing you continued peace.

30 03 2017

Thank you Cheryl.

30 03 2017

This was beautiful Greg…On the 27th, marked 19 years since my dad passed and all 8 kids and my mom were there when the Lord took him home. Though it was sad it was a beautiful experience and one I was glad to share with my mom and siblings.

30 03 2017

Those moments are sacred. Thanks Jane.

30 03 2017
diane proctor

Greg, I felt I was there. It evoked memories of my mother’s last day. Thank you for expressing it so beautifully. Diane

30 03 2017

Thank you my friend.

30 03 2017
Carole Jackson Cochran

really beautiful


30 03 2017

I’ve learned from someone who sits with people in this sacred time daily. Thank You!!!

30 03 2017
Mari Quint

As always, Greg, your carefully chosen words create images that are unforgettable. Thank you for sharing these sacred moments.

30 03 2017

Thank you Mari.

2 04 2017
Mary Becker

Greg, this is spiritually beautiful. My precious Mom passed into heavenly arms where my wonderful Dad was waiting to hold her in his arms again. He passed Easter Monday 1975. They were married 35 years. She lived on 35 more years, turning down several proposals; there was no one for her but Dad. I was privileged to be present with her the 2 days before and the 3rd day when she drew her last breath. It was a beautiful and touching experience. God’s peace, my friend. Condolences upon your loss and God’s beauty in being there as she passed on into Heaven.

2 04 2017

Thanks Mary and thanks for sharing your story. I hope you are well!

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