“Slow down boys . . .”

5 11 2016


“Slow down boys” . . .

a life lesson from father to sons;

from one whose dying, now fully embraced.


Darkness and death open us this way –

to Truth’s presence;

to Truth’s embrace;

to Truth’s perspective;

to edit Truth no more.


“Slowness” – Truth’s way – calls to our soul;

inviting us away from a veiled, matrix  life –

deliverance from busy minds;

exoneration from “living up to”;

liberation from judging ourselves;

curative for the cancer named shame;

cleansed from the addiction of trying to control what is uncontrollable;

awakened from a schedule-induced coma;

unshackled from haunting failures;

free from fear.


Truth’s way inviting us into freedom –

freedom to embrace who we know we are;

freedom to nourish who we know we are becoming;

freedom to lean into the mystery of what we don’t know;

freedom to cherish paradox and uncertainty – fearlessly;

freedom to welcome failure as a daughter of wholeness;

freedom to wait – not sprinting past Spirit;

freedom to just be in the Presence of Slowing…


We can only be right here, right now.

It is all that we are given.

So be right here, right now…

fully living;

wholly living;

with pain and joy;

with grief and blessing;

with angst and peace;

with dancing and stillness;

with paradox and certainty;

with Love –

always with Love.


Slow down…





6 responses

5 11 2016

Dear Greg, a beautiful writing…wich totally touches who we are in GOD……YOUR POEM HELPED ME SO MUCH ……as i am descerning retireing from RELIUGIOUS EDUC. and just being envolved with mt directees in SD.

Must SLOW DOWN since i have been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure…..am in the process of trying to understand and adjust to all the living and eating changes thaT HAVE TO BE MADE….PLEASE keep me in your prayers…..will ask the rest of our Shalem group too…

Sister Marilyn T. Sabatino, S.N.D.


6 11 2016

Hi Marilyn. Blessings on your discernment. I hope it comes clear. And I am sorry about your diagnoses. You are held in thoughts and prayers.


23 12 2016

Powerful and hopeful words. I loved this poem.


23 12 2016

Thanks so much. It was my dad who was dying of cancer who shared the “slow down boys” back in 1998. Interesting – today would have been his 86th birthday. Thanks again and thanks for the reblog.

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24 12 2016

I’m glad you wrote this down. These are the stories we need to remember. You are welcome.


23 12 2016

Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
Please read and enjoy the amazing poetry by a talented writer.


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