my delimitative end?

15 04 2016


Expectations conspire to confine me;

Anxieties hungry to bind me;

Fears scheme to define me.


Is this, then, my delimitative end?


Living in a system that would affirm this desuetude – spinning words dripping, sweet and savory?


Powerless against omnipotent exterior forces, an illusion I count as truth?


I am called beyond this prescriptive and self-subscribed living –

freedom within my DNA.


I’d rather have the Limitless be my guide…

Unchained from Expectation’s hopeless yoke;

Unbound from Anxiety’s insatiable appetite;

Undefined from Fear’s rigid borders.

But Love –

always Love…





4 responses

16 04 2016
ric nyborg

Greg ~ Really enjoyed this piece. I think it should be in Garrison Keilor’s The Writers’ Almanac. Thanks, Ric

16 04 2016

Thanks Ric. High compliment.

18 04 2016
sister Marilyn T. Sabatino, s.N.d.

Greg, always enjoy reading your reflections..good for prayer…..hope all is well…please keep my trip to Italy in your prayers leaving may 18 retrunign July having trouble booking a retreat in Assisi which ws the main spiritual reason I am making this trip…am spending 1 month with relatives in Sicily then up to Rome where I was stationed for 3 years 99 to 2002……
blesings to you and your ministry

18 04 2016

Hi Marilyn. Thanks so much and I will be remembering you and your Italy travels. I hope all works out in Assisi – my wife did a retreat which she loved. Prayers.

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