15 08 2015

Ocean City, NJ Pier:BW


Maybe –

I hear it;

I say I know it;

I pretend I believe it –

because I’m suppose to?

But I’m not sure it dwells in my bones.

Do I believe it – truly?

Is it ingrained in me?

Does it flow through my veins like life?

And who tells me otherwise?


Power seekers?

Wealth addicted?

Fearful “others” – needing to protect themselves?

Control hungry egos?





When did I start trying to “measure up?”

When did I abandon a childlike trust?

What if . . .

I am treasured more deeply than I know?

I am loved by Love?

What possibilities . . .

what change for good;

what risks I would take;

how I could love others more deeply – be love-able . . .

If I but lived this truth and bore it deep in my bones…

Sunrise over Atlantic City



2 responses

15 08 2015

St. Theresa said. “My deepest self is God” it’s true. So how could you not treasure yourself? I use this as a beginning for meditation. God does the rest.

15 08 2015

Thanks Kathy for the St. Theresa quote. A good way to begin the discipline of meditation. I agree. I feel we work at faith too hard and do not let God do the rest. And, unfortunately, many people with whom I interact do not see God’s fingerprint within themselves. Thanks again.

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