Judging Greg…

28 11 2014









a one-way mirror;

superficial and avoiding depth;

fabricating protective walls:

keeping you at arms length and more;

selective hearing;

claiming god-like authority;

addicted to control;

talk and thoughts from absolutes;

pleasure attained in “holding against”;

safe-guarding the ego;

an offspring of fear;


this, the easy way – or so it seems…


but I…

I am asked of Love to love.

I am asked to risk embracing – inviting intimacy.

I am asked to welcome letting go instead of idolizing control.

I am asked by Grace to extend grace as I have been graced.

I am asked by Faith to trust the Author of faith.

I am asked by Mystery to be awake for what might be.

I am asked by the One who holds me to hold another.

I am asked by the Reconciler to be a peacemaker.

I am, gazing upon my own reflection, asked not to forget the log in my own eye.

I am asked to be an offspring of Love.


this, the harder way – or so it seems…


but, oh…

the freedom…

the un-namable peace

the deep river of joy

the indescribable love…

being truly alive!

choptank morning



6 responses

29 11 2014
Doris Zimmerman

Beautifully written. Loved the pic of the yoke. His yoke strengthens me. Doris

29 11 2014

Thanks Doris. I hope you are well and had a great Thanksgiving!

29 11 2014

Wonderful meditation on this reflective season of waiting for the light to overcome our darkness. Emily

29 11 2014

Thanks. And yes, hope this season is full of meaning and light for you.

2 12 2014
Jimmy and Cleo Jackson

Good stuff,  Greg!  I will look for a place to use the “I

3 12 2014

Thanks! me too! It was good being with you all last Thursday!

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