A Winter’s Walk…

20 07 2014



potomac sunrise










Do I acknowledge the truth this stream is speaking?

the babbling water against stone is a gift . . .

But , do I have courage to listen deeper still,

in this chilled, desert-forest . . . leaf-less, barren and vulnerable?


Years of pain and joy are evident –-

earth and water in relationship . . .

a long dance of love and friction;


On the way, barriers encountered . . . detours necessitated;

birthing new opportunities — new possibilities —

to explore . . . to receive as a gift;


Carved beauty from years of a committed journey;

Mystery echoing from creation’s dawn —

whispers of Mystery in the pilgrimage ahead . . .

Do I feel the Peace in the flow of water? the foundation of earth?


so is life . . .

so are life’s questions . . .

so could be my living . . .






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