In Her Eyes…

28 06 2014


web in sunedited











I see in her eyes now, the same indwellers as in her early years –-

anxiety and fear;


She is not who she was . . .

yet this host/tenant relationship remains the same

claiming, slowly, the life of one so young.


Charisma within crowds –- quick to jest;

underneath, though — alone with herself —

the addiction to fear and anxiety is insatiable . . .

Haunting her . . . always haunting . . .


trying desperately to survive,

she shares her dependence with those whom she loves:



I have boxes full . . .



We all have such boxes under our beds . . .

And we –- to our dismay — have given our share of boxes to the ones we love;


Freedom comes, however, in the opening not the storing;

the burden of addictions and attachments (self-created and those received) received as gifted opportunities.













4 responses

25 12 2016

I enjoyed this poem. Perfect twist of words leading to very good ending.

26 12 2016

Thanks so much!

27 12 2016

Was my honor and you are welcome.

25 12 2016

Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

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