Living a divided life…

10 03 2014





What pay-off is there to living this divided life?

What is it that whispers in my ear?

Telling me to guard my heart so?

What experiences are etched on my soul

so that living is something to be grasped, held tightly, and controlled?

Fear is present in my white-knuckled grip . . .

I choke the life I want to live . . .

Energy’s potential starves . . .


Still Wholeness does not leave me orphaned . . .

She calls me Home –-

gives courage to leave home to find Home . . .

Peace saturates me on Forney Ridge in the quiet mountain air –-

gives presence to welcome Presence . . .

Whispers to me in the language of wind-blown fraziers . . .

Give me ears to hear who I am from I Am . . .

Embraces me in the gift of an unexpected hug . . .

Give me openness to be loved by Love . . .


I know what I long for most . . .

To move toward Wholeness . . .

Come endurance;

Visit me fearlessness;

Inhabit me faith and hope —

so that I may risk opening clenched hands,

letting go of my life so that I may welcome True Life –-


whole . . .

undivided . . .





5 responses

13 04 2014

‘give me ears to hear who I am from I Am’, is a wise and worthy prayer. I like your poem.

Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

14 04 2014

Thanks Wendy. Hope this is a good week!

29 06 2014

Good choice of words and picture- a meaningful post.

29 06 2014

Thanks so much!

30 06 2014

Thank you too.

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