Born with all we need…

7 03 2014

DSC_0320 2





Born with all we need –

the love of Love already given;

the image of Creator within creation…

too soon we abandon all that is needed –

using these gifts as bargaining chips;

giving away the essence of our being too easily;

believing that who we are is not enough.

We believe we can become more by willing our power –

our God-created self;

the essence of who we are and created to be –

over to others (who do not believe in themselves);

to those who seek their own ego gain.

We lay these precious gifts in the arms of the temporal

hoping for affirmation and approval –

the gratification from the immediate and the tangible

is more seductive than waiting;

less threatening than delving into a deeper knowing and trust;

risking what might be is scarier than releasing responsibility…

Or so it seems…

But we know…

we can feel it…

we can sense it…

like a flowing river deep within –

communion between Creator and creation,

filling our empty soul.

How I long to live in this sacred space…

trusting in all I need –

Love bathing the loved;

Creator within creation…

Mt. LeConte 062_edited-1

(My daughter, Lara, took the portrait photo; the second shot is the Little River near Townsend, TN)




2 responses

25 08 2014
Lumens Borealis

The idea of stepping stones comes to mind … usually we think of them more or less in a line toward destination; the reality may be clusters of stones upon which we can move forward. The image is of a place I would like to explore. Nice job! 🙂

25 08 2014

Thanks so much and I agree. We tend to think linear when, as you point, in reality it is not so. I took this picture in the Smoky Mountains near a small town – Townsend, TN.

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