Beauty in a Deep Winter’s Soul…

28 02 2014

frozen road






I want to see beauty in the depth of my winter’s soul . . .

But all that I see is frozen . . .

dreams, suspended in crystals;

paths, obscured by the blowing uncertainties of my life;

potential, slowly crushed beneath glacial mountains.


I am cold . . .

no one hears my voice over the howling winds of daily expectations.

Is there hope?

A half-frozen stream offers unexpected insight . . .

A soulful rhythm emerging from a quiet, icy surface;

evidence of life flowing beneath;

movement in a frozen landscape . . .


I bend down to listen;

wondering where this Life force has been –- where She is going . . .


She whispers –- “Hope” . . .



frozen stream




12 responses

28 02 2014
Maggie Lears

Hope…what a perfect word. Thanks so much, Greg, for your soulful words and thought-provoking pictures.

28 02 2014

Thanks Maggie

1 03 2014

I love winters like this…it brings back so many memories of Canadian winters when I was a lad.

1 03 2014

Yes, just as you have had your fair share of rain this season, we have had more snow here in the Mid-Atlantic states than normal. Beautiful scenery though…

1 03 2014


1 03 2014

Thanks so much.

1 03 2014

evocative photos and words

3 03 2014

Thanks you.

3 03 2014

Just what I needed as this winter seems to keep marching along. Thought provoking words and images. This will stay with me. Great photography capturing the beauty of winter and signs of hope! Thanks Greg!

3 03 2014

Thanks Marellen. Yes, March 20th is coming!

3 03 2014
Pat Fuller

Hope, what a great word for a grey and slushy March day!

3 03 2014

Yes, another day closer to spring!

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