What can come from waiting?

28 12 2013


What can come from waiting?

An invitation for what I fear most to creep toward and overtake me?

A “chilled-to-the-soul” wind blows. . .

A darkness slowly snakes over the horizon to swallow the depths of me.

Even friendly clouds scheme and turn Hyde, morphing, covering beauty to which I cling.

I want to run – to get away;

Practicality begs me to give into reason – escape . . .


But what can come from waiting?


A deeper Voice invites me to stay . . .

a dawning breaks forth as I welcome what I perceived as sunset;

Light wakes me up inside as She begins Her dance

— quietly, gracefully, inspiritingly.

She moves in rhythm with all creation — light and darkness;

a new knowing is birthed . . .

Waiting . . .




4 responses

28 12 2013

The photographs in this post are simply stunning! The colors and landscapes are exquisite! Wonderful job! Not too mention, your words go with the photographs oh so well! Really nice work in every way!


28 12 2013

Thanks so much Tom. I take to heart this coming from one who has such a good eye. I also love the John Muir quote you have in you header. Thanks again.


29 12 2013

Wonderful colors ! Happy Holidays


29 12 2013

Thanks so much…and to you as well.


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