Simple places…

3 11 2013

(The non-profit for which I work, Well for the Journey, went on a pilgrimage to Gettysburg this past Friday…just some thoughts and photos from a pilgrims journey).

May we be mindful of the simple things in our living:

leaves blowing in wind and colors given . . .

the symmetry of life and the chaos that arises within what is balanced;

vistas that take our breath and breath that sustains the simple . . .

ordinary places and hallowed ground spaces . . .

like this nook where I sit now,

letting reflection and contemplation have their way . . .


cemetary tree

pikett's charge unionlittle round top viewcemetary 4pickett's charge confed



11 responses

3 11 2013
Susan Saunders

Wow Greg! Just Wow!

4 11 2013

Thanks Susan. It turned out to be a beautiful day!

3 11 2013
Maggie Lears

sounds like quite the experience – and what glorious photographs

4 11 2013
Wendy Rambo Shuford

Greg,I love the last line!!! The colours are beautiful.

4 11 2013

Thanks Wendy!

4 11 2013

It was a great experience Maggie. The day was beautiful and Mabeth and Scott did a wonderful job putting this pilgrimage together!


4 11 2013
Jamie Kass

Great photos Greg! It looks like it was a beautiful day to take time to reflect.

5 11 2013

Thanks Jamie! It was a good day.

15 05 2014

I’ve been to Gettysburg but it’s been so long ago, thanks for bringing back memories.

15 05 2014

Gettysburg is only an hour and a half from my home so I drive up occasionally. It is a special place. Thanks for stopping by.

15 05 2014

I was there as a kid, but you are exactly right, will never forget it.

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