What’s the pay-off?

19 10 2013

Mountain sunrise





What pay-off is there to living this divided life?

What is it that whispers in my ear telling me to guard my heart so?

What experiences have singed my soul so that living has become something to grasp and hold tightly?

clinched fisted…

choking life…

energy consumed…

I know the wholeness of life, though…

permeating me on Forney Ridge Trail in the quiet mountain air;

speaking to me through the language of wind and evergreens…

welcoming me in the gift of an unexpected hug…

carrying me on the melody of healing music…

Always energy giving…

I know what I long for most…

I know what shepherds me toward living an undivided life…

Do I dare take the risk?


These things I am learning…

vision becomes clearer with the letting go;

I am loved by Love –

and there’s not a thing I can do about this…


And so it is with you…

May we both choose to lean into Life and Love…



9 responses

19 10 2013
Maggie Lears

Greg, This is just beautiful – the words, the stunning visual – thank you so much for this gift today.

19 10 2013
Mr. Knight

Another wonderful poem paired with a stunning photo. Thanks.

Safe to say you have read Parker Palmer?

19 10 2013

Thanks so much. And you are correct…I’m a Palmer fan.

5 11 2013

Thanks for sharing your photos!

6 11 2013

Thank you.

10 11 2013

Great post, both words and images!

10 11 2013

Thanks so much and I always enjoy what you share.

10 11 2013

Loving it!

10 11 2013

Thanks so much.

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