Wake me up…

11 10 2013





There are forces in this world that entice me;

use chicanery to divide me;

exploits lust within me . . .

I discover the essence of me to be numb and cold . . .

most of my own doing —

withdrawn from loving — there are deep scars here;

resisting being loved –- pain’s potential is too great;

abstaining from engaging life and living it wholly . . .


Wake me up inside!

Mystery, stir trust within so I may lean into the breaking dawn,

piercing the fog of paralysis . . .

Light, awaken my courage so I may participate in living life;

Risking? yes;

Truly living? . . . yes!






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11 10 2013


11 10 2013


11 10 2013
Sharon Brooks

just five more minutes…

When we are born into a body, we feel alone, empty. And through the senses of the body, we seek fullness, in any way we can. Taking in comfort for the body brings a sense of well being. But over time, instead of realizing the body is not me, we continue to think it is, and care for it, in any way, shape or form, leaving our heart seeking nourishment, but little does it get.
In providing a sense of well being for the body, fulfillment is sought out in things, but never found. The sensations it receives through contact with other bodies, is its attempt to duplicate a memory given by the heart, reminding it of love.
Through innocence, we question nothing, and do what we do. Getting lost in the senses of the body, often not realizing the love we seek is within us, because we forget.
By putting some perspective on what we hold as valuable, we may find it isn’t really valuable at all, by analyzing the benefits it does or does not bring. Real love always benefits ‘ our ‘ heart, not my body. No waking up, regretting the choice made the night before.
When you don’t pay attention in your life, are not willing to do what it takes to do something different, shallow in your thinking, allowing the body and its senses to lead you…making virtuous choices may seem like too much work or not as much fun, and therefore, you keep doing what you do, and getting what you get.
Seeing a light turn on and following it, even for a short time, can be like a cool drink of water to a parched heart. Basking in its warmth, and with a firmness in our voice we exclaim, ” I’m not going back to sleep again.” But so often we are lulled back into our world of dreams, by the body and its unending parks of amusement, never even knowing we did, until the light turns on again, and then…we remember.

11 10 2013

Thanks for your thoughts and insights. I’m glad this post stirred something within. And thanks for visiting my blog.

11 10 2013
Stuart Hyde - shpics

Hey there
Thank you so much for popping by my blog and venturing a ‘like’.. 🙂
This photograph is absolutely beautiful.

11 10 2013

And the “thank you” is mutual. Look forward to venturing some more.

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