Hidden Rooms…

3 09 2013

Eastern Shore 105





What is it we hide in the secret rooms of our soul?

And What would happen

– not listening to the beckoning of fear –

if we disclosed what is closed?



Creativity unleased?




That we are truly loved?


What are we willing to risk?

How do we want to live?

What is our spirit’s longing?



8 responses

3 09 2013
Susan Saunders

Hidden rooms, whole wings of buildings are the stuff of my dreams. Such untapped possibilities, such richness I never know is there in my waking hours.

3 09 2013

Well said Susan and I am with you!

3 09 2013
Pat Fuller

Enjoy your blog! You always add peace to my day and something to ponder. Great photography too!

3 09 2013

Thanks Pat for your generosity of words. I have had others add the same to my day as I’m sure you do for others!

3 09 2013
Skye @ TheSanctuaryofMyHeart

Love this…thank you for sharing. 😀

3 09 2013

you’re welcome. Thank you!

30 09 2013

Inspiring photos. Thank you for posting.
Also thanks for liking my poetry. Do visit again soon.

30 09 2013

Will do!

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