Creation’s curriculum…

27 07 2013

Gunpodwer Trailed



What is this pressure I feel?

I can’t do this straight-lined reasoning —

I’ve tried to live the linear life . . .

climb the ladder . . .


This is not Creation’s curriculum

Paradoxes, anomalies, and mysteries are all about . . .


Why is it we only look up to the heavens for Light?

Could it be Illumination is also underneath?

Underneath the depths of our shadows and darkness . . .

We will only know if we “ride our monsters all the way down!”*


I have heard it said that Light keeps shining in the dark,

and the darkness cannot over take it . . .


Mystery and Paradox —

Creation’s curriculum . . .

(* reference to an Annie Dillard quote from Teaching a Stone to Talk)



cavern falls _2_




13 responses

27 07 2013
Skye @ TheSanctuaryofMyHeart


27 07 2013

Thanks so much. And I enjoy reading your insights as well!

27 07 2013
Mr. Knight

Your combination of beautiful pictures, thoughtful verse, spirituality, and sensitivity to the teaching hand of God is inspiring. I no longer remember how I happened on your blog over a year ago, but I am glad I did. I appreciate it. Thanks

27 07 2013

You are kind Mr. Knight. Just trying to live it day by day. And thank you for your words as well. I believe your’s was one of the first I started following when my blogging began!

28 07 2013
Kavita Joshi

beautiful pic…

30 07 2013

Thanks so much Kavita!

30 07 2013
Kavita Joshi

your most welcome dear

2 08 2013

Beautiful words and pictures!

2 08 2013
Greg Cochran

Thanks so much!

28 09 2013

I love Annie Dillard’s writings, too. Your photos and poetry are also lovely.
Have you ever read Barbara Hurds book, Into the Stone? I think it speaks to your thoughts here.

28 09 2013

Thanks so much! I have not read Barbara Hurds book, but will. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

28 09 2013

She also wrote Stirring the Mud, equally wonderful…

28 09 2013

Thanks again! Looks like I have some good reading ahead!

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