Bowing to Murky Waters…

12 02 2013

Choptank creek




A current of anxiety flows steady within;

What is your name?



Who are you that muddies the stream?


My spirit is preoccupied —

I bow to murky waters . . .


Eyes turned toward shadows,

I have no notice of the warmth that bathes me — anointing me;

Light illuminating life all around me — within me;

Light bidding me to live love in the present . . .

each “present-moment” accumulating into my future . . .


Awareness slowly dawns . . .

Orientation of genuflect and gaze begins to transform . . .






4 responses

14 02 2013

lovely image, Greg. where did you take this?

14 02 2013

Thanks John. This was taken at Camp Piankatank in VA during PASSPORTkids! a few years ago. In the late afternoon with the Piankatank River at my back.

14 03 2013

every details are just so lively ! Love it so much ^ – ^

14 03 2013

Thanks so much!

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