Open the door…

23 01 2013

Cape May remnants








Like waves upon the shore, anxiety continually breaks over me;

concerns of the future pound at my door;

and I am unaware of the fullness in living pregnant in this moment;

I give myself away too easily . . .


Yet there is Another pounding;

growing louder . . .

quieting the voices that want to own me . . .

Spirit dawning in every breath;

awakening the passion of Life deep-rooted in the now . . .


Open the door . . .



6 responses

23 01 2013

Greg — An extra nice post today — both picture and poetry. Thanks for the inspiration. PaPa

23 01 2013

Thanks so much Jimmy!

25 01 2013
Janice Carico


25 01 2013

Thanks Janice!

27 01 2013

Beautiful poetry and picture!

Blessings ~ Wendy

27 01 2013

Thanks Wendy and blessings too you! Hope it’s a good week.

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