Light Finds a Way…

10 11 2012






(In celebration of two young lives well lived: Louis Lowenthal – 14; David Shannon – 18)


It would seem that darkness comes close to winning way too often;

midnight darkness longs sucks light from reality…

dark energy pulls us toward nothingness.


Yet when this darkness pulls us, begging for implosion,

Light finds a way…

gently lighting the pre-dawn sky, slowly appearing over the mountains we face;


Creative light dawns…

What was lost in midnight darkness rises in ways unimagined:

from the mist playing in valley meadows…

in the whisper of love heard through the crisp morning air…

out of the cry of a soaring hawk, echoing the crying released in our own darkness.


A new day dawns and we carry our stories and our sorrows,

our losses and our laughter;

trusting in trust…

hoping in hope…


Yet, night comes again – a pattern repeated;

And darkness that has served hopelessness will offer it once again.


But, if we stay open…acknowledging all that struggles within…

exposing ourselves to the possibility of light reaching us even in darkness,

this extended exposure reveals the shimmer of light – coming to us…

the reflection of life present…

the glow of life illuminating the darkness.


New beauty revealed…

a new dawn anticipated…

a promise that we are never alone.

Light finds a way to shine…




2 responses

15 11 2012

Heart-stoppingly beautiful! Thank you!! xo

15 11 2012

Thank you once again.

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