Gifts given…

23 10 2012

Recently I was in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. While there, a battle within came to the front: always looking for photographic moments/scenes versus just enjoying being in a setting that I love. The following are insights that came from this battle – for me it applies to so many others…I’m still in process…

The gift within taken for granted;

tunnel vision allows obsession to seep in.

Obsession becomes a non-collaborator…co-creation is ignored;

in this ignorance Creation becomes an object to be captured…possessed.

Where did I loose sight?

When did ego begin to think so grandiose of itself?

In the ego’s unhealthy rise – gift and beauty diminish;

co-creation is on the brink of extinction…

The gift within is then – a gift given…

Embracing this truth…I feel the air infused with freedom;

Scales fall from my eyes and what is all around me are gifts given –

not of my doing…

Not objects to be captured or possessed…

Only an invitation to accept and carry a whisper of thanks…




3 responses

23 10 2012
Jason Knight

Where in Cades Cove is this second picture?

23 10 2012

Hi Jason. This is a stream behind the grist mill at the visitors center. You know Cades Cove?

23 10 2012
Jason Knight

I do. I am there every spring. A favorite place. I know exactly where you are talking about, I have just never wandered off the trail. I will next time. Thanks

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