Life’s simple beauty…

2 10 2012


Life’s simple beauty – always present…


 Sheltering me – creating a womb of sacred space as I pass through worn paths underneath…

 Do I feel the warmth enveloping me?


 Gently brushing against my shoulder – loving me in spite of my self-imposed unlovable ethos…

 Am I aware of these tender strokes, pregnant with grace and Truth?


 Striking my face abruptly, when I am lost in the concerns and the busyness of my small world…

 Will my numbness blind me from what longs to be found?


 Beauty – painting space with hues only imagined – designs unique and inviting;

 “Welcome friend,” whispering evergreens speak. “Welcome to this world of beauty. A world to which you, too, belong!”


What else do I not see? What do I not hear?





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