Trusting in Trust…

25 09 2012


this swirling vortex is deceiving –- truly beautiful . . .

But I feel the force of

dark energy . . . sucking me in;

No relief –- the pull is constant.

Does it let up?


The window of hope seems to open at times –-

clear sky . . . clean air;

But old voices tease –- filled with venom . . .

looking to rush in for a quick bite.

Others are more cunning –- mingled with hope . . .

like a parasitic vine –-

creeping up the fibrous foundation that brings life;

longing to pull me back into the black hole . . . into nothingness.


I remember whispers of wisdom speaking the breadth of life –-

the journey filled with horizons, black holes, trails into the unknown,

briar infested pathways, companions along the way,

light that warms the soul . . .


This moment is not the whole . . . but live this moment I must –-

In this moment, when venomous voices rise . . .

when the nothingness of a black hole seems imminent –- I trust;

Allowing the long view of this trust to nourish hope . . .

And maybe that’s all I can do for now –- trust in trusting . . .







2 responses

25 09 2012
Maggie Lears

Oh my, Greg, your words really resonate and i needed to hear them today. Thanks

25 09 2012

I’m glad to be able to reciprocate help you have given to me and others.

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