Calling Me Back…

3 09 2012







Emptiness saturates the air I breathe, I’ve lost my way –-

fallen into the vortex of  “real life” –- or so it is deemed . . .


I catch a glimpse of an unrecognizable me on the glass wall —

dressed in other’s expectations,

cloaked in other’s rules,

blanketed in perceived realities . . .

chasing the ever elusive “what I’m suppose to do” —

hoping to catch it . . . stop it . . . hold it . . .

finish it . . . put it in my pocket.


Old acquaintances come calling,

peddling their cancerous gifts:




pleasing others,

shame . . .


I sit in my house and yet feel so far from home . . .


But I am not alone . . .

Who are you that calls me back?

Who speaks my name –- inviting me back to Life?

Who breaks through the veil,

bringing color and Light to the world?

Who urges me to close my eyes in trust so that I may truly see?

Who are you that teaches me to love from Love rather than “ought-to’s” and “should’s?”


A peace stirs . . .

Courage rises . . .

Love embraces . . .

I turn to the Whisper . . . and journey toward home . . .




2 responses

3 09 2012
Maggie Lears

I love this post – and so grateful for the constant “calling back”

3 09 2012

Thanks Maggie! And am glad to have friends share the journey!

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