3 08 2012






There are moments when peace descends upon us like a whisper, and we turn our heart’s ear in hopes of catching the words spoken.

There are moments when we walk into a room and experience a long desired stillness lingering in the air . . . we too easily abandon being for doing –- rushing to chain this sacred moment so we might hold it forever.

There are moments when we realize that peace always abides just outside our window . . . it sometimes takes a new perspective, or a change of circumstances, for us to recognize peace in garments that we have not chosen.

So Peace, may Your whispers echo within my being until when I speak, You speak.

Stillness, give me courage so that I do not expend energy in vain;

seeking to hold onto something that can not be held;

give me courage to be bathed in Your Presence — now.

Peace, like a snow dove, light upon my soul in unexpected ways, opening my eyes to Your constant Love.



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3 08 2012
SKEdazzles ~ A Lifestyle/Photo/Travel Blog

This is a wonderful post ~ such beautiful words and the dove was the first thing I saw in the image.

3 08 2012

Thanks so much.

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