Life’s Journey…

13 07 2012



Life’s journey;

Longing for it to be as straight as this Eastern Shore road . . .


It seems straight would be easier —

see where you’ve been . . .

see where you’re going.

Does “straight” invite us to know the depth of who we are though?

Are the curves and the “around-the-bends” given as gifts?

A gift of opening?

to authenticity?

to exploration of self?

to connection with others?

to celebrating creation?

Or could it be that the curves and “around the bends” entice us;

Craving to know what is yet to be;

Hypnotized by future gazing –- dwelling there, missing now . . .

Straight road;

Crooked road —

both have their joy and dangers

maybe the most important part is just the next step —

from the past,

toward the future,

living in the now . . .

being present to Presence . . .




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