Welcoming Slowness…

10 07 2012




Slowness’ presence is elusive at times;

Blurred by the “speed-of-light” living.


But if we welcome its spirit…

if we wait and allow ourselves to be still…

if we let it seep into the fibers of our being…

invite it in for a cup of tea…


Then we begin to perceive life beyond our vision;

imagination and Spirit begin to play…

deep Truths begin to emerge.


We become aware of life around us in ways living harried will not allow:

nature’s silent bursts of fireworks in hues unmatched…

silhouetted designs against life’s palette…

Creator and creation dancing one with the other…


(Photo taken at Pendle Hill Retreat Center)




One response

3 10 2012

It is a beautiful message and photograph! Thanks for coming to the party!

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