A Conversation Begins…

1 05 2012



Drive-by images spirit away my schedule-chained attention;

And a slowing anoints me . . .

In this place . . .

at this time . . .

a conversation begins . . .


“Who do You wish me to be?”

“Where do You wish to lead me?”

“What are You calling me to bridge?”

Loneliness to intimacy?

Wounds to understanding?

Noise to solitude?

Emptiness to faith?

Brokenness to wholeness?

Depression to play?

Joy to joy?


Then from within I hear,

“Come Greg. Whisper your deep desires . . .

Will you risk abiding within a Love-formed foundation?

passing from scared places to Sacred spaces?”


(photo: York Road in Baltimore County over the Little Gunpowder Falls River)




2 responses

1 05 2012

Those images give us cause to introspect and discover deeper things

1 05 2012

Thanks for your words. And yes, I agree. Sometimes it’s the simplest, ordinary things that invite us deeper.

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