Dare I Go In?

15 04 2012


Dare I go in?

I’m already standing in light . . .

Now invited into darkness?

Do I risk the hope of Light on the other side?




3 responses

15 04 2012
Matt Gross

No. You’re trespassing.

16 04 2012

Did you…?

If you’re ever in my corner of the woods, this looks very much like the Snoqualmie Tunnel. Rather than go over the peak, the rail engineers saw fit to dig through the mountain. The tunnel is about 2.5 miles long, and, from the center, you can’t see light at either end. Standing just outside the tunnel, like in your photo, one has a sense of subterranean wonder. On a hot summer day, it’s 40 F in the tunnel, and you can tell it belongs to another world.

Your photo is very creepy – I think this is what you were going for? – and reminds me strongly of the feeling of being at the edge, the border to some other, very different place.

17 04 2012

Have never been out your way Forrest, but my wife and I have talked about a road trip at some point. I took this photo some years ago on a hike in Patapsco State Park just outside of Baltimore. I guess it can be creepy. For me it’s the contrast between the light and dark of the picture and the question, ‘If I’m already standing in the light, what is this urge to go into the dark?…exploration? adventure? curiosity? And with apologies to my railroad friend Matt…yes I did.

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