Simple Conversations

15 05 2011

If we pay attention…if we are awake…if we live with an attitude of humbleness…if we approach each day with a “beginner’s mind,” we become aware that God’s love is soaking us like a spring rain – nourishing us in ways we cannot imagine…from simple, surprising sources…inviting us to risk growth and wanting to turn our lives upside down.

So was the invitation during a routine prayer (is any prayer routine?), on a recent Sunday, offered by an almost thirteen year-old who lives in my house. If I pay attention…if my spirit stays awake…if I live with an attitude of humbleness…if I approach each day with a “beginner’s mind”…

Here’s God’s soaking love poured out through a prayer offered by one of the least of these:

Before I go on with the prayer, I’d like to say a few words to think about before and during the prayer:

A lot of the times we pray, we thank God for everything He’s given us. I believe He enjoys everyday hearing us say “thank you”. But I also think that sometimes He just likes to hear us say that we genuinely love what He has given us. I think He is so happy when we’re happy…that sometimes he just likes us to say it out loud.

So I invite you into silence and then a voiced corporate prayer.

Dear God,

I love the smell of flowers in the spring.

I love to laugh with my friends.

I love chocolate.

I love when my stomach flips on a roller coaster.

I love wearing pajamas until one on Saturdays.

I love reading a book alone when it rains.

I love singing loudly and very off key.

I love life.

I love liberty.

I love pursuing happiness.

I love knowing I have people who love me.

God, I love knowing that you love me.

Finally, thank You for giving us these things, allowing us these things, and showing us how to love these things. Amen.

(prayer by Lara Cochran)




6 responses

23 06 2013

Saying thank you is the simplest prayer. And I thank you for this prayer.

23 06 2013

Thank you for your kind comments and for all you share.

23 06 2013

Question: Do you allow sharing this on a Facebook?

23 06 2013

For sure. Thank you for asking.

25 06 2013
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25 06 2013

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